5 social networks that graduate students should be seeking to find Jobs

March 13, 2013

We all know with the current economy in the U.S. that good jobs are becoming harder to find.  Here are five good places for graduate students to start looking.

  1. Twitter

With over 500 million users around the globe, Twitter allows us to talk to almost anyone, in just 149 characters. Recruiters and executives from global firms, such as Deloitte, as well as those from SMEs, are likely to be found on Twitter. Universities have access to a hub of networking and job opportunities, which can be sought out and shared with their online student following. A Twitter account instantly allows the careers team to connect with students, post job opportunities and highlight relevant internships with SME’s within the world of business at an international level.

2. YouTube

With YouTube, universities can use their Career Services to encourage their graduates to upload virtual CVs of themselves to sell their skills to potential employers. YouTube is replacing the traditional CV profile at many business schools and, through posting a short video clip, you can help your yourself to immediately convey a professional visibility they need to connect with top employers. It’s also an advantage for recruiters, who can instantly screen candidates based on their skill sets, presentation and communication levels.

Unlike a traditional CV, this allows employers and recruiters to have a much better understanding of a candidate before the interview process, a feature of which many institutions have recently taken advantage of.

3. LinkedIn

200 million users in 200 countries – LinkedIn is considered the go-to network for professionals all around the world. With such a large professional base, LinkedIn is a great place for students and graduates looking for new career opportunities.

LinkedIn is the perfect place for career-focused graduates to extend their professional network and seek out new job opportunities. University Career Services can take advantage of LinkedIn Recommendations to recommend their students to top companies around the world.

“These students can also be placed into groups according to their program of study and career aspirations in order to allow the careers team to target each group with the most relevant job opportunities.

4. Google+

With its Hangout feature, Google+ is able to create a great interactive experience for its 500 million users – particularly useful for students. Through a Google+ Hangout, university Career Services can host live webinars, workshops and online meetings with students, allowing for engagement and the sharing of relevant career opportunities.

5. Facebook

As the largest social media platform in the world, with more than 1 billion users, Facebook is essential for universities wanting to expand their Career Services. Internal networking events taking place are a great way for students to gain more contacts and network amongst people within their chosen industries. Such events and networking opportunities can then be shared through Facebook events and further targeted to specific Facebook groups and Facebook pages.

Facebook events have helped career teams to promote internal events at their school to a wider audience.

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